Quote of the Day: Pizza Drones

Noah: “I want to show you the drawings for our pizza drone. It’s basically Plan C for our senior project. You have to use a crispy crust for durability, but otherwise I think we have it all worked out.”
Sarah: “No more pizza delivery boys?”
Noah: “That’s right.”
Sarah: “Well, you don’t have to tip a drone.”

Why?: This is normal conversation when you’re married to an imaginative engineer.

- Sarah

Quote of the Day (via text):

Sarah: “Surgery scheduled for next Wednesday.  They say I can go home same day.  Surgeon has no sense of humor.”

Jenny: “I wouldn’t worry about the sense of humor.  If you had to pick a Ghostbuster to cut you open, wouldn’t it be Egon?”

Side comment from Noah:  ”Steady hands are all that matters.  And that’s only when he’s operating.  He can shake like he has Parkinson’s as long as it’s steady in the OR.”

Why?:  Gallbladder surgery next week.  My family knows how best to ease my worries.


Quote of the Day:
Sarah: “Honey, will you help me make breakfast?”
Noah: “I was actually going to clean the litter box.”
Sarah: “Ooh. Talk dirty to me.”
Noah: (with Travolta hip thrust) “You like it when I clean your house, baby?”
Sarah: (handing him a garbage bag) “Uh, yeah. I do.”

Why: Don’t talk about cleaning my house unless you mean it.

- Sarah

Quote(s) of the Day - The Bangerine Edition, Vol. 2:

Lisa: “It wasn’t too bad putting your care schedule together.”
Jason: “Yeah, it’s a no-brainer.”

Dr. Ney (pronounced “Nye”): “Hi, I’m Dr. Ney.”
Jason: “Oh, hey! It’s Dr. Nye, the science guy!”

Jason: “They say I’m not gonna have an appetite on chemo, but we’ll see about that. Chemo’s never met Beulah before.”

Jason: “They say that dogs can detect tumors… That f*&%in’ b*tch, Dottie never said anything!”

Why?: More gems from Mr. Bangs. Leave it to Jason to keep the Bang Bang Gang laughing. Keep ‘em coming, Jay!


Quote(s) of the Day - The Bangerine Edition

1. “Now that they removed my brain tumor, I’m finally down to my goal weight.”

2. “Oh, dang it! This weekend is the Taco Festival. I couldn’t have planned my tumor any worse!”

3. “Yeah, I’m really doing well. Just goes to show you how much useless brain I had.”

Why?: That’s The Bangerine for you: Kickin’ ass, healing fast, and keeping everyone laughing all the while! He’s definitely one of the nursing team’s favorite patients and for good reason.

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